Admissions are open now for all the classes. Their is no JUNE and JULY fees for Play House and Montessori for the session 2016-17.


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Founder Of Shaheen Public School & College

Managing DirectorNisar Ahmad Chaudhry (Late)

Our Team
  • madamMrs. Rashida Nisar Chaudhry

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    Imran Nisar Chaudhry

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    Ms. Shazia Chaudhry

  • madamMrs. Azra Malik

  • Managing DirectorMrs. Sadia Amir Khichi




Managing Director

Managing Director

Nisar Ahmad Chaudhry (Late)
I am immensely happy and proud to write this message. Year come and pass but, we each year try to improve the quality of education, it gives me great solace and confidence.

The vision of the Shaheen Public School & College is to empower a communication of learners who dare to dream, take risks and develop new realities, so that every student reaches the potential become a productive citizen & develop life long relationship with learning.When you develop the ability to listen anything without loosing your temper or self confidence it means you have become “Educated”. Successful people always have two things on their lips Silence and Smile”. Silence “To Avoid Problems” and Smile “To Solve Problems”

Please remember life is not always smooth and soft. There may be narrow ways up and down Darkness and Shadow overcomes everything with wisdom and patience. And success is never permanent, failure is never final so always do not stop efforts until your victory make a history. Life will never provide possibilities and opportunities . It is up to us to convert them into success.


pvh Mrs. Rashida Nisar Chaudhry

We strive towards achieving academic excellent and a holistic personality development of our student. A student centered learning approach is followed at Shaheen Public School, where the student is at the center of the learning experience.

We endeavor to inculcate in him the love for knowledge, high standard of morality and discipline.Extra curricular activities are vital for the all round grooming of a student s personality. We provide a chance to every student to develop and display his talents through various activities like quiz competition, debates, declamation, science exhibitions and talent shows. Sport are a regular feature of our collage and we offer a wide variety of sports to our students.Please keep in mind that you are joining a prestigious educational institution where you will receive value based quality education. Our doors are open for all meritorious students who wish to acquire education in a safe, secure, healthy and disciplined environment.







Campus I Administrator


Mrs. Sadia Amir Khichi

Welcome to Shaheen Public School. Our Primary School is an exciting place to be and our desire is to plant the seeds of a life-long love for discovery and learning.

Our kind, nurturing teachers are professionals who plan and implement programs to bring out the best in each child. Field trips, hands-on activities, and lessons that address a variety of learning styles create a highly effectrve learning environment.




Campus II Administrator

camp2princMs. Shazia Chaudhry

As the Administrator of Shaheen Public School, I am elated to serve my community.Shaheen Public School is a private school whose mission is to foremost prepare our youth for future opportunities.

We are committed to our students and have vowed to educate tem using the most current resources, merited every student. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Parents of Shaheen Public School, without you, the idea would still remain. Thank you for entrusting us with your child.

Campus III Administrator

azra-malikMrs. Azra Malik

Life is a struggle or a dream, perhaps both. lf it is the one, Iifeis action and if it is the other, action is recognized as vital even though lts end is not clear.

Action play a dominant role in the teaching leaenin phenomenon, what l feel is to make students my shaheenians active and talented members of society that is possible through adequate actions taken immediately. The fact is action without a thought has no lasting value. The best action is the one that takes and show us the right path. As l believe in the values of honesty, truth and obedience, l demand and prefer actions that are beneticial forthe betterment of my student.The students in the wake of their school life pass through a changing pendulum that is changing by and by and the out come is the establishment of better future. Therefore, l have always taken beneticial actions for my student and hope to do same in future.