Admissions are open now for all the classes. Their is no JUNE and JULY fees for Play House and Montessori for the session 2016-17.


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Recognized As One of the Best Schools in Karachi

Our students from junior section to college realize they are receiving education at the very best school in Karachi. Since 1983, our aim to deliver excellent and purposeful education resulted in inception of more campuses. We know learners at Shaheen Public School today are going to be leaders of tomorrow in their respective fields. We teach them to learn, and think beyond their own self so they can become problem solver and helpful to others.

Campus I (The Foundation)

The foundation (Campus I) situated at Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi was established with a neat mission in mind:   To promote academic excellence and develop holistic personality of every student and this approach allowed Shaheen Public School to rapidly march towards success and hence being called as the best school in Karachi by students and their parents respectively.

Campus I have three sections starting from pre-primary, primary and secondary. Allowing parents to give their children an educational, exciting and lively environment from an age they can barely call their name and go onto complete their SSC and further their education.

Campus II

Entrust of Shaheen Public School (Campus I) parents and students encouraged us to form Campus II and continue the journey of becoming top educational institute in Karachi. Situated at Block No.7 of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Campus II started to continue the commitment of providing every student meaningful and valuable education through most state-of-the-art resources on which The Foundation was formed.

Campus II also offers top level education to pre-primary, primary and secondary sections making it to stand out with number of top schools in Karachi.

Campus III

Spread over the area of 4500 square yards, situated at 14th Street, Block No.2 Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, Campus III was purposely built on the call of parents and students residing far away from Gulshan yet willing to attend quality O and A-levels education with Shaheen Public School.

Campus III is not only among top A-level schools in Karachi, but also is the only O-levels school in Gulistan-e-Jauhar with most numbers of high achievers. We help our students to reach their true potential and how to be a great human being.

At Shaheen Public School we highly believe schooling is more than just mathematics, physics and biology therefore events such as earth day, animal day, field trips, and exhibitions are held throughout the year regularly. Additionally, training sessions for teachers are also a routine to make sure our students are receiving high quality education.