Admissions are open now for all the classes. Their is no JUNE and JULY fees for Play House and Montessori for the session 2016-17.


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Primary Section


Team Of Primary Section

Primary Vice Principal’s Message

Primary Section plays a vital role in maintaining a bridge b/w Pre-Primary & Secondary Section. A very unusual event which makes this section a unique that is Rasm-e-Bismillah Which is held at the beginning of the new batch every year. After this Ceremony recitation & memorizing of Quran-e-Pak starts from Class 1st & accomplish in Class 7th . We reveal their hidden talents and polish them to perfection. Through the events like E.C.A , Mother’s day celebration, Annual Sports, Elocution contest Annual Drama , Spring Carnival , Science/Arts Exhibition & Bonfire etc.

In primary section, we encourage the children to do innovative & creative work individually or collectively. We also train them to grab up the challenges of their Studies through activity based learning by using overhead projector & multimedia.

We also ensure the physical fitness of students by engaging them in Taekwondo sports (cricket Team in Particular) & disciplinary activities like Scouts.