Admissions are open now for all the classes. Their is no JUNE and JULY fees for Play House and Montessori for the session 2016-17.


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Team Of Secondary


Secondary VicePrincipal’s Message


Shaheen Public School was established with an aim inspired by educational development of the society,through its deep roots.We lay down our academic base on Islamic values and modern technology to give our students a strong religious foundation and elucidate to them modern scientific knowledge.

Our school emphasizes on activity based learning so that every time our students are taught something it is for sure that they experience it practically by different activities or experiments. And this mode of learning is not limited to Juniors or Pre Juniors but also the Prep and secondary classes.

It is not only enough what we teach our students but also great deal of efforts is required from the parent’s side. Whatever we give our students must be exercised by them with help from their parents.

We do not say that this will bear fruit; we say that theses techniques do bear fruit. Many of our students have shown astounding progress and behind them lay not only our hands but also their parent’s hands. Therefore let us all join hands to strive a successful and well established future for our children.




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