Admissions are open now for all the classes. Their is no JUNE and JULY fees for Play House and Montessori for the session 2016-17.


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Senior Cambridge (O Level)



Senior Cambridge

O-LevelI am proud to be the vice principal of such an exciting .At shaheen, we encourage and prepare student to participate fully, to take risk, to be self advocates and to create lasting memories and relationship with peer and teachers.

I believe that student, parents and teachers all play a vital role in helping student rich their greatest potential. Students are encourage to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities available to them in Cambridge section of Shaheen Public School including dedicated highly qualified faculty, Library, Lab , Multimedia base teaching, purpose built building with playing areas .

The success of our students is based on the partnership among students; staff of students success will be achieved by festering Mutual respect to produce young people of strong compassionate character capable of success in a desires world.

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O-level Introduction

O-level Exams are undertaken to achieve an internationally recognized qualification level. The number of students taking the O-Level examinations has increased three fold over the past five years. It is owing to the fact the o-level is accepted internationally. In our country as well it is considered to be the preeminent source of quality education.

Keeping its momentous significance in mind Shaheen Public School Campus –III is imparting education as registered Cambridge center. The edification at O-Level has implication that stem out of two broad categories the knowledge gained and the results achieved at this qualification. At an ephemeral glance, the above mentioned craterous might seem identical. However, not only are these fairly dissimilar in nature but also in the way they influence student’s career but here at Shaheen Mashallah our young Shaheenians has proved their metal like ever by securing excellent grades.


This year as well we look forward to raise the bar to new heights you can also have your child to be a part of our drive to the top.